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My aim as a consultant and coach is to guide people through change projects and processes – on an individual and organisational level – and help them succeed by smoothing the way and by actively supporting those involved. That is my passion and contribution.

Challenging change projects are typically characterized by their complexity, the involvement of large numbers of people and the high expectations of those who are affected. Good change managers embody versatility, great perseverance and a pinch of composure. And they are fascinated by the dynamics and challenges of large change project – just as I am.

Providing clarity and structure in challenging times of change, taking people issues and concerns seriously and instilling enthusiasm for the future – this is an exciting activity for me every day in a new way. What I find important is to make a difference in transformation processes, to emotionally move people and provide an impulse to together create and shape a better world. To make values and corporate culture visible with the help of Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) and to enable people to talk about what is really important for them. But what is CTT exactly? It is difficult to explain in one sentence, and therefore an ideal case for a “simpleshow”, showing us the Cultural Transformation Tool:

Should any of you have an interest in becoming the next “Moritz” (see the simpleshow) and supporting your customers with changes in organisational culture. The next training takes place.

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