I work primarily on complex assignments and therefore often in a team or with colleagues and partners. I apply my specific knowledge of change management and my experience. I have worked for many years in close collaboration with the partners listed below.

Heike Heeg, from chochdrei (change coaching communication) drives the will to „set splashes of color“ and provide a creative impulse towards successful change. Together we draw from our extensive combined Change Management experience and offer lively and very implementation oriented trainings for Change Agents and Leaders.

OPDC in the United Kingdom is an excellent consulting company that also works internationally in the areas of change management and leadership development. David Kearney (owner of OPDC) and I have been working together in an international setting for many years and both have high regard for our exchange of ideas.

Expertise needs communication. Communication needs expertise. This is what Susanne Kleiner, freelance PR-consultant, writer, journalist (BJV) and mediator in Münich believes. A Business Studies graduate, her main focus for the consulting and training activities is communication and public relations, including in conflict and crisis situations.

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