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Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are a set of diagnostic and monitoring tools for values and culture. They can be applied at the organizational level or at the team or individual levels. They are based on the concept of the seven levels of consciousness, as proposed by Richard Barrett.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are web-based and are available in 50 different languages (including, of course, German). Since their creation in 1997, they have been used by more than 6000 Organizations and 3000 leaders in 90 countries. These include many world-class companies and large consulting firms.

The tools include:

  • Cultural Values Assessments
  • Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessment
  • Team Values Assessments
  • Individual Values Assessment
  • Leadership Values Assessment 360º
  • Leadership Development Report 360º

CTT Practitioner: This is the best CTT certification training offering if you would like to use CTT in a practical way, either as an internal change agent or as an external consultant. It is designed to give you a deep understanding of the CTT Models and Tools, as well as practical experience on how to apply CTT in your cultural transformation process. The course provides an opportunity for your own personal transformation experience. This four-day course contains material from both CTT 1 and CTT 2, but has much more of personal and hands-on experience of how to interpret values assessments results, how to deliver leadership assessments feedback, how to select and present a number of dialogue tools from the Get Connected workbook, and more. The CTT Part Practitioner course is available in a classroom style learning environment or over the internet in a virtual classroom format. Once you have completed CTT Practitioner, you will have access to all CTT reports. The course is based on two books, Richard Barrett’s The Values-Driven Organisation and Get Connected.

Seminar timeline and content:

  • The first day of the training focuses on the 7 Levels of Consciousness model and the Individual Values Assessment.
  • Day 2 introduces the team and organizational perspectives, covering the Cultural Values Assessments, Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessments, and the use of demographics within organizations.
  • Day 3 focuses on leadership development incorporating Richard Barrett’s 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness, and the Leadership Values Assessment and Leadership Development Report 360° feedback tools.
  • Day 4 covers the creation of vision and mission statements and, finally, we bring everything together by looking at the concept of Whole Systems Change, and see how the various methods and tools covered during the programme fit together within this overall framework.


By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of the Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, its heritage and philosophy. You will understand the process for setting up values assessments for your clients or organization and you will be proficient in reading and interpreting the values assessment data. It is important that we cover these critical elements in order for you to develop a foundation for using CTT.
After the seminar, you will be receive a certificate, enabling you to use the Cultural Transformation Tools and you will have access to a wealth of resources at the Barrett Values Centre.

As a bonus for you, and included in the price is a “Small Group Assessment” (worth $1000), an “Individual Values Assessment” (worth $200) and diverse coachings provided by both trainers as support for your first project.

Dr. Andrea Maria Bokler is not only experienced trainer, but also herself user of the Cultural Transformation Tools.

Course Details:

Language: German

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Course Fee: 2.750,00 EUR + VAT.

Note: if you have already completed a CTT Part 1 course, then you can attend the 4-day Combined CTT course for reduced fee, allowing you to revise the CTT Part 1 elements in the process. Please contact Dr. Andrea Maria Bokler info@changemanagement.biz  for further details.

Cancellation: Cancellations later than 8 weeks prior to the seminar will invoiced at 50%, and those lather than 4 weeks, at 100% of the course fee.

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